Structural Methacrylates

U-LOC®  MMA Adhesives (01:01 Ratio)

U-LOC®  MMA Structural Adhesives are two part 01:01 ratio used to bond various substrates of Steel, Composites, Plastics etc. It is having excellent bonding strength, impact resistance, thermal shock, fatigue and peel resistance.

 U-LOC®  MMA Adhesives (10:01 Ratio)

U-LOC®  MMA  Structural Adhesive are two part 10:01 ratio used to bond various substrates of steel, composites and plastics having excellent bonding strength and elongation properties.

U-LOC®  Primer

U-LOC®   Primer is used to improve the Adhesion of Methacrylate Adhesive on metal surface. U-LOC®  Primer is used to increase the cure speed of Acrylate Structural Adhesive.

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